Guest Series: Ned’s SCAR Swim Challenge – Part 2

Ned‘s report from yesterday morning:

Tuesday, 30 April 2013 – 6:00 am (local time)

The plane trip out has left me with big fat swollen ankles – not a pretty sight.  Let’s hope they return to normal because they are so big that they’ll be a drag.  On the bright side, maybe they will help float my legs?  The toughtest past of long freshwater swims for a 6 foot 6 incher is that my feet sink and the shoulders pull that extra drag, forever, for four days.

My skin is stil in bad shape after the Guildford event: chlorine/windchill combination. This will not help as the temperature here was 105ºF and there is a blazing sun. Ah, how much sun could you get swimming 37 miles?

I met Kent, the organiser, who did confirm that Day 3 is the 17 mile swim. And there I was for the last few months smiling every time I saw Alan Rodgers train at Source, thinking: “he has no idea how hard the 16 miles in Lake Zurich will be”…

On Monday, our gang chatted, ate, shopped and relaxed. Gracie and her husband arrived at 3:00 am last night from San Diego to complete the house! She set the all-time (male/female) speed record in Catalina at the end of last year and no training does things like 17 mile pool swims in 6 hours. She will be my competition for the fastest here and my plan is simple: start 3 hours ahead of her, which might give me a chance.

The 50-strong group of swimmers and kayakers and volunteers meet at the sports bar tonight to do the briefing at at 5:15 am local lime we start the walk down to the first lake. Scary stuff!

Somebody please remind me why I find the need to keep challenging myself? Please! You don’t have much time – anyone?

There’ll be another update later today on how the first swim (in Saguaro Lake) went and Ned might even send us a picture or two…

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