Oceans Seven

The Oceans Seven is the open water swimming equivalent of the Seven Summits. The challenge is to complete, in no particular timeframe, the world’s seven greatest channel/strait crossings. The idea was first put forward by Steven Munatones of the USA.

The Oceans Seven includes the following swims:

  1. North Channel (Northern Ireland & Scotland)
  2. Cook Strait (North Island & South Island, New Zealand)
  3. Molokai Channel (Oahu & Molokai, Hawaii)
  4. English Channel (England & France)
  5. Catalina Channel (Santa Catalina Island & Mainland California)
  6. Tsugaru Channel (Honshu & Hokkaido, Japan)
  7. Strait of Gibraltar (Spain & Morocco)

The only person to have completed all seven crossing is Stephen Redmond who lives in Ballydehob in West Cork, Ireland. What is more amazing is that Steve completed all seven swims in the space of just three years, even though a few of them took more than one attempt to complete!

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