Once again, I sort-of forgot that I had this blog…

Go mbeirimíd beo ag an am so arís, and let’s hope that it’s not an am so arís before I write anything on here again…

So ended my previous blog post… Reading it again carefully, I’m satisfied that I’ve broken no promises in not posting again until we have arrived safely at an am so arísagus písín eile leis! There are two main reasons why nothing new has appeared on the blog in the last year and a bit:

  1. I’ve been busy/lazy – At the time of my last post, I was nearing the end of my ecology degree at University College Cork. I was studying, that is to say stressing, about exams and struggling to finish my final year project on the crayfish of the River Awbeg. After that, I was busy finding a job. I got one and have been busy doing it ever since. In truth, I had time to write, but everything else that I’d been doing involved a lot of writing so I couldn’t be bothered writing any more “and that’s the holy all of it”, as went one of my favourite lines from 2015’s “national conversation” on marriage equality…
  2. I’ve been doing almost no swimming – Plenty has been going on so there’s been no shortage of writing material, but it hasn’t involved much swimming at all so I’ve been reluctant to post on what’s supposed to be a swimming blog…

Anyway, as I say, plenty did actually happen and, in the absence of anything else to write about, I will do my best to put up a few short posts in the next few weeks about how everything has changed [again!] in the last year…


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