All set for tomorrow’s Descent…

This is my hundredth post on the blog and I’m very happy to note that I’ve so far got well over 20,000 views since starting in September of last year! It’s going to have to be a short post, though, just to confirm that my attempt to swim 61 km on the River Blackwater from Fermoy to Youghal will go ahead tomorrow. I’ll be starting shortly after 7:00 am and I expect the swim to take in the region of 11 to 12 hours.

Photograph – Owen O'Keefe

I’ll be starting from here and heading for the bridge, then it’s off to the sea! The forecast is for warm and cloudy but mostly dry conditions…

You can follow the swim on Twitter via @donalbuckley and @PaulNoonan96 and you can also track progress with the Sandycove Island SC SPOT Tracker at I’ll also be using the MapMyRun platform for live tracking. If you’re a member you can get some cool real-time information on the progress of the swim. Search for me on the website and click on “Live Tracking” to check it out. If you’re using your mobile device and we’re friends on MapMyRun just tap on “Live” when you open the app and tap on my name to see the same information.

It’s going to be a long day but I’m looking forward to the challenge!

2 thoughts on “All set for tomorrow’s Descent…

  1. Greetings Owen,

    It was a pleasure meeting you in the quays bar in Youghal yesterday evening whilst you were tucking into a well deserved steak and chips after a very triumphant and successful challenge.

    After speaking to your Mum and family, it made us realise how proud they were of you. I’ll make sure to follow your many goals in the future.

    Kind regards.

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