Update from Cape Town: Ned hopeful of False Bay attempt tomorrow morning…

The latest update from Cape Town is that Ned is “99% sure” that he will get to make his attempt to cross False Bay tomorrow morning. After a week of rather windy weather, a small window has appeared starting tomorrow morning. Conditions will be less than ideal but Ned is prepared and is conscious that he can’t wait in Cape Town indefinitely.

The planned start time is 06:00, I am not sure whether this is local time or Irish time. In any case, there’s only 2 hours in the difference so, if the swim goes ahead as planned, Ned will start at either 04:00 or 06:00 UTC tomorrow morning. Unfortunately, the SPOT tracker doesn’t seem to be working so we won’t be able to track Ned’s progress online. I’m hopeful of getting updates from Hugh Tucker, who will be on the support boat. If I do get these, they will appear on my Twitter feed (to the right of this post)…

Ned has been swimming regularly in False Bay over the last few days, both to prepare himself for the conditions and to become accustomed to the notion of having great whites in the water. Reports of a large shark in “knee-deep” water in Fish Hoek can’t be good for his nerves, but Ned doesn’t seem overly phased by this. He often reminds us that, in the HBF Rottnest Channel Swim in Perth, Western Australia, you are more likely to have your arm severed by the prop of one of the escort vessels than be attacked by a shark. That’s very reassuring, or maybe not!

2 thoughts on “Update from Cape Town: Ned hopeful of False Bay attempt tomorrow morning…

  1. I’ve just been in contact with Roger Finch who informs me that the intended start time in 06:00 local time, so that’s 04:00 for us in Ireland. He also tells me that there have been 19 sightings of great white sharks between Fish Hoek and Muizenberg beaches (both in False Bay) over the last 4 days, but they are not a major concern due to the 17ºC water temperature, very warm for the area! The pilot will be texting progress reports to Roger and he will forward them to me, so I’ll have a post up in the morning which will be updated as the days goes on…

  2. Hey Owen! Keep us posted via Twitter. Looking forward to it! And all the best for your channel swim in a few days! Greetings, Sven

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