Cé h-í Gealt a’ Locha?

Fé láthair, tá triúr Éireannach (Nuala Moore, Anne Marie Ward agus Pádraig Mallon) ar an slí go dtí Tyumen na Sibéire chun páirt do ghlacadh i gCraobhchomórtais Shnámh Gheiridh na Rúise. Ní ba luaithe i mbliana, do bhí sé socraithe ag Nuala ‘s ag Anne Marie dul go dtí an Rúis chun ‘bheith páirteach i n-iarracht ar shnámh sealaíochta do dhéanamh ó mhórthír na Rúise go dtí mórthír Alasca. Níor tharla sé sin, ar an drochuair, de bharr trioblóid le visas, &rl. I rith na traenála i gcomhair an tsionscnaimh seo, do dhein Seán Mac a’ tSíthigh ó TG4 píosa nuachta fén dtraenáil do bhí ar siúl ag Nuala i Loch a’ Pheidléara. Tá an fís nasctha agam thíos agus tá sé aistrithe go Béarla agam fé sin…

At the moment, the Irish (Nuala Moore, Anne Marie Ward and Pádraig Mallon) are on the way to Tyumen, Siberia to take plart in the Russian Winter Swimming Championships. Earlier in the year, Nuala and Anne Marie had planned to travel to Russia to be part of a relay attempt from the Russian mainland to the Alaskan mainland. Unfortunately, the swim didn’t go ahead due to issues with visas, etc. In the course of the training, Seán Mac a’ tSíthigh of TG4 made a news item about Nuala’s training in Pedlar’s Lake. I’ve put a link to the video below and translated it into English underneath…

Aistriúchán go Béarla / Translation into English:

Seán Mac a’ tSíthigh: More than a thousand feet above sea-level is a strange destination for a sea swimmer. However, at 7ºC (5ºC lower than the temperature of the sea) Pedlar’s Lake, high in the mountains of Corca Dhuibhne, has the coldest water in the area, and it is here that Nuala Moore does her training. She and Anne Marie Ward, a swimmer from Donegal, plan to take on the toughest swim in the world, the fifty miles of frozen sea between Russia and Alaska that they call the Bering Strait.

Nuala Moore: There are more than twenty-five international swimmers on the team and our plan is to get into the water and do multiple immersions. So, swimming for 20 minutes at a time, spending 6 or 7 hours on the boat and going back in again.

Séan Mac a’ tSíthigh: Nuala has years of experience when it comes to long distance swimming. She has completed great feats in the seas of this country and abroad. She has been coming here since November, and with a enthusiasm and courage, her body is becoming used to the cold.

Nuala Moore: Breathing is difficult at the start as the muscles become quite tight and this puts pressure on your heart. I had to lift up my face a few times but I’m fine now.

Seán Mac a’ tSíthigh: The Lunatic of the Lake is a cause for wonder among many hikers in the area. Nobody has swum across the entire Bering Strait yet, but you may rest assured that the long, cold days in Pedlar’s Lake will stand to the Dingle woman. Seán Mac a’ tSíthigh, Nuacht TG4, in Corca Dhuibhne.

Níos déanaí, tá Seán tar éis agallamh do dhéanamh le Nuala do Nuacht RTÉ i rith a cuid traenála níos déine do na Craobhchomórtais Shnámh Gheimhridh na Rúise, a bheidh ar siúl an deireadh seachtaine seo! Féach ar seo…

More recently, Seán did an interview with Nuala for RTÉ News during her somewhat more extreme training for the Russian Winter Swimming Championships, which are taking place this weekend! Take a look at this…

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