What to expect in the next few weeks…

So this weekend the clocks went back and Mr. Finbarr Hedderman declared the summer swimming season at Sandycove Island over. Since I have no big swims planned for the winter swimming season I’ll start blogging with reviews of some of my most enjoyable swims this summer, including:

  • My 3-stage descent of the River Blackwater from Fermoy to Youghal.
  • My swim from mainland Donegal to Tory Island.
  • My swims around Cape Clear and Ringarogy in West Cork.

This was also my first summer of crewing on English Channel swims so I’ll be reflecting on the four swims that I crewed on this summer, including FINA World #1 Trent Grimsey‘s record-breaking 6 hour 55 minute swim! You can also expect some nice photographs, I didn’t bother with any non-picturesque swims this year…

Tory Island:

Cape Clear & Ringarogy:

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